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Small business selling process in Florida

Selling business : The process of buying or selling a business can be a very productive and rewarding experience. As a certified business broker that specializes in small business selling in Florida, American Business Brokers goes the extra mile to ensure that its clients reach their goals.

American Business Brokers operates on the fundamental premise that there can be no losers in successful small business selling . Both the seller and buyer must be satisfied after the transaction is complete. To achieve this goal, ABB takes extraordinary precautions to ensure that every selling business is properly priced and has a sound financial structure. ABB works hard to ensure that they understand, as precisely as possible, every business they represent. ABB will not knowingly misrepresent a selling of business in Florida nor will they ever encourage a buyer to underbid the client's price.

The buying / selling business process starts with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting that is scheduled at the customers convenience, and usually at his place of business. General information is exchanged, so the Client and American Business Brokers can become acquainted with each other and their respective businesses.

How long is the small business selling process in Florida?

Buying and selling business usually takes longer than a house or a commercial building. Because of the confidential nature of a selling business in Florida, a certified business broker cannot put a For Sale sign on the window. The average time to sell a business is usually between six to eighteen months. However, there are exceptions. Some businesses buyers in Florida may sell within a month of being put on the market. Others may take several years to attract the right Buyer. A business broker seeks out and talks to Buyers everyday. The next one may be just right for a particular business.



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