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Rating Buyer Seriousness

Use the following criteria to separate the serious buyers from window-shoppers. (Add up plus points, subtract minus points. The serious buyer will rate a 6 or above.)

Minus Point Factors

-4 needs outside financing (excluding home equity)

-4 been looking for 6 months or more

-3 no available cash

-3 still working in corporate world

-2 spouse not supportive of buying a business

-2 uses a legal pad or clipboard and takes too many notes

-2 feels leisurely about finding the "just-right" business

-1 now renting (although has lived in area for some time)

-1 under 25 or over 62

Plus Point Factors

+3 does not have a job or has just resigned

+3 understands that books and records are not only indicators of value

+2 has enough money to buy a business

+2 no dependents

+2 family member or close relative has been a business owner

+2 willing to take the time to look without a lot of notice

+1 location is not a prime consideration

+1 age 21 to 62

+1 skilled worker or professional

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