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FedEx Routes for Sale / SW Florida

Are you looking to buy a FedEx Route?

There has never been a better time to buy a FedEx route in Florida.

With the explosion of online sales, a FedEx route has never been a more lucrative opportunity.
American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is not endorsed by Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground. American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is an independent business, solely involved in the brokering of FedEx Ground routes for sale by third parties, and not is not sponsored by, or associated with, Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground.

Highly desirable, due to Future ISP FedEx changes

Move forward with confidence by calling American Business Brokers!!

Fedex Route Sales
has decades of experience to helping potential buyers to buy a FedEx Route Business that's right for them, and insuring a maximum return when they sell.

American Business Brokers operates on the maxim that there can be no losers in a successful business sale. Both the seller and buyer must be satisfied with the end result. 

ABB takes extraordinary precautions to guarantee the FedEx Route business you may be considering purchasing is attractively priced and has a sound financial base. ABB works hard to ensure, as precisely as possible, that we understand and are knowledgeable of every buyer we represent to a seller.  ABB will never knowingly misrepresent a business and allow a seller to over-price their business, nor will we ever encourage a buyer to underbid the client's price.

If you considering to buy a FedEx route, we'll schedule a private, no-obligation meeting
 at your choice of location and at your convenience.  Basic information is discussed to guarantee that both buyer and broker are on the same page, so to speak, with regards to each party’s respective roles and expectations throughout the purchase process.

Expected Costs & Earnings of a FedEx Route

In many ways, being a FedEx contractor is a ‘double-edged sword’.  On the one hand, you don’t have to spend time or money on sales and marketing, customer acquisition, rent or utilities; however, the hours can be long, you have to work on some holidays, and most importantly, you must follow pay schedules and other rules set by FedEx in your contractor agreement.

Contractors typically get paid in Three (3) ways:


The Four biggest expenses of owning a FedEx route that will affect your overall income are:

FedEx Sale & Transition Checklist

Due to the complexities involved with the sale and transfer of a FedEx Route business, a lot of work goes into preparing for the completion of the sale.  A new buyer looking to own a FedEx Route business must be approved by FedEx in order to move forward with the sale.
The checklist below details a number of items that must be addressed as part of the FedEx approval and transfer process.
FedEx Approval:

buy a FedEx Route

Announcement of Transaction:

Pre-Closing Actions:


buy a FedEx Route

Post-Closing Transition:

Information to consider before purchasing a FedEx Route Business:

Buy your FedEx Route Business through the proven experience of American Business Brokers.   We'll work together in establishing an effective purchase price and terms attractive to you, the buyer, to guarantee a satisfactory experience for both seller and buyer.
American Business Brokers will work closely with you, the buyer, to match you with the right seller to find the right deal for you to purchase your own FedEx Route Business.

In order to eliminate inconvenient and unnecessary false starts and disruptions for the buyer, ABB thoroughly pre-screens all prospective sellers. To ultimately build total confidence in the final purchase decision, ABB takes pride in their unrelenting efforts to educate buyers in their understanding of all facets of the seller’s FedEx business route.

buy a FedEx Route

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American Business Brokers is ready to help you realize the American Dream when you make the right decision to buy a FedEx route.

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FedEx Routes For Sale

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