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About ABB, a Florida FedEx Route Broker

American Business Brokers (ABB) is a real company with a corporately-registered physical location in Fort Myers, Florida.

ABB is operated by experienced business intermediaries.

We don’t hide behind a web site.  ABB was started in 1999 in part by Steve Rietbergen, who is the founding partner. Troy Wolfe joined the company in 2007 as a very successful agent, and became a partner with Steve in 2010.

Florida FedEx Route Brokers / American Business BrokersFedEx Route Business individual owners who were operating from the two FedEx Terminals in Fort Myers, one for Ground and one for Home delivery, approached ABB in 2010 to sell their routes.

As this was a new business model to us, we studied the market and decided to combine these three individually-owned routes to get the highest and fairest possible value for the three owners. We quickly sold those routes and became the Florida FedEx route brokers of choice in South Florida.

American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is not endorsed by Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground. American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is an independent business, solely involved in the brokering of FedEx Ground routes for sale by third parties, and not is not sponsored by, or associated with, Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground.

Over the past few years, we have sold over 60 routes in Southwest Florida and have now decided to expand our services to the whole state of Florida, and into other states as well. With our experience, we know how to quickly identify & solve problems to get the deal closed.

We work with every FedEx Route Business Owner to get the best solution to sell their Routes. We only get paid when you get paid ---  simply put.  If we sell your route, we guarantee you of having no additional consultancy or other hidden fees. We have become the premier Florida FedEx route brokers!

Florida FedEx Route BrokersLearn more about us at our primary website,WWW.ABBROKERS.COM.

The following information is available upon request, FREE of charge; just contact us for an immediate response at 877-425-0677 or email us at abb@abbrokers.com

  1. Sellers Registration Form
  2. Buyers Registration Form
  3. ABB Corporate information ( www.abbrokers.com )
  4. Business Opinion of Valuation   
  5. Finance options ( Buyers )
  6. FedEx ISP sample workbook
  7. FedEx Contractor Information booklet
  8. Sales Process sheet, step by step guide for FedEx route Buyers

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Florida FedEx Route Brokers / ABB of SW Florida
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