FedEx Contractor Requirements

FedEx Contractor Requirements

FedEx Ground Contractor Requirements

Even though a FedEx route is a privately owned business, FedEx Ground has proprietary requirements and uniform conditions for contractors representing their organization.
American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is not endorsed by Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground. American Business Brokers of Southwest Florida Inc. is an independent business, solely involved in the brokering of FedEx Ground routes for sale by third parties, and not is not sponsored by, or associated with, Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground.

First and foremost - you do not need to be a professional driver, nor even have a standard driver's license to own FedEx Home Delivery Routes. Owners hire qualified drivers to make the deliveries. However, owners will frequently choose to participate in the driving for their own routes.

Most route owners become interested in the opportunity from prior experience in shipping, or management. Many come from military or civilian logistics experience.
Route owners must sign contractual agreements with FedEx to become independent contractors. Independent contractors are not employees of Federal Express and must provide their own health insurance, retirement plans and benefits.

The main requirement for a FedEx contractor is to set up business to operate as a corporation. FedEx requires business owner/operators to set up either a C-Corporation
or S-Corp. Any qualified business attorney can provide adequate counsel in the process of setting one up correctly, although the cost may vary from one to the other.

FedEx Contractor Requirements - You Must:

FedEx Contractor RequirementsAlthough you operate your own routes, there are a number of certain FedEx Contractor Requirements and rules you must comply with.

No matter the kind of FedEx routes you prefer to own, American Business Brokers staff of experienced and professionally-licensed business brokers is ready to bring you on board and assist in the transfer of ownership from buyer to seller, while meeting stiff FedEx requirements..

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